Katani Limited [KATANI] is a Tanzanian privately owned company with its head office at Katani House located in Tanga City, Tanga Region in Tanzania, East Africa and operates sisal decortication factories in five estates namely Hale, Mwelya, Ngombezi, Magoma and Magunga Estate all located in the Korogwe District of Tanga Region.

The company also owns a spinning and weaving mill the largest of its kind in Africa known as Tancord (1998) Limited (see sisal produce), Kilimo Engineering Services [KeS] Limited in Ngombezi, Korogwe District and a sisal energy company with its facilities located at Hale Estate called Mkonge Energy Systems (MeS) Limited (see sisal energy) all subsidiaries of KATANI.

The operations of the company comprise of providing technical support and extension services to farmers in the estates through the SISO Scheme (see sisal farming). The core activities of processing sisal and producing products at the estates and TANCORD are coupled with marketing and sales of the products in the local and export market (see sisal products).

KATANI has built up the capacity to produce feasibility studies and offer consultancy related to sisal and sisal products promoting investment into the increased utilisation of the sisal plant. This includes generating investment plans and strategies for ventures (see MIMA). Katani has undertaken a number of projects that are part of the strategy to commercialise on the several opportunities realised through conclusive research that has been done under its supervision.

Historically the sisal industry has always been predominantly export-oriented, the philosophy and skills of international marketing, quality consciousness and competitiveness are in-built into the workers and the Management.

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