Katani Ltd activities are marketing, processing of sisal, provision of technical and extension services, consultancy, and research and development of products and markets of sisal and related products.

These activities range from primary processing, spinning, weaving, selling and marketing sisal products to developing projects related to best practices in sisal farming and new products such as renewable energy from sisal biomass. The company is vertically integrated in the sisal sector which is an emerging market posing opportunities for investment and development. Katani Ltd is at the forefront in the exploration of new avenues for further utilisation and commercialisation of sisal.

Sisal among other natural fibres is having a growing demand in the world market. Demand for natural fibres is growing due to their environmental friendliness in production and use. This is also in new products using or mixing sisal with other materials. Tanzanian Sisal has unique and attractive characteristics giving it a comparative advantage on a global scale.

Operating in rural and town areas Katani Ltd recognises the importance of sustainable development through supporting local communities by participating in efforts to address challenges in economic and social growth of communities. The organization takes its corporate social responsibility as one of its pillars of sustainability relating to economic, social and environmental considerations. There is a commitment of the business to contribute to sustainable economic development, working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve quality of life through different efforts of the company.

Design Identification Nos - TC 600, 601, 701,702,703,705,707.

Design identification Nos. TC 800, TC 840.

Design identification Nos. BC 600 and BC 800.

Design identification Nos. BC 600 and BC 800.

Design identification Nos. BC 600 and BC 800.

Design identification Nos. BC 600 and BC 800.


1.Excellent Extra White Sisal Ropes

2.Standard White Sisal Ropes

3.(a)Rot-proofed Sisal Rope
   (b)Rot-Proofed and Water
   (c)Economy Grade Sisal Ropes
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